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Stamford Cellars offers one of the world’s most secure storage solutions for collectors of fine wines and liquors.

Located in Asia’s only ultra-high security freeport dedicated to the storage of fine art and high value collectibles, we work discreetly with high net worth individuals, auction houses, investment houses
and family trusts around the world.

Our trusted solutions are the ultimate safeguard of the quality and security of your assets.


Ultra high security

The entire facility is constantly monitored and guarded day and night using the state of the art electronic surveillance systems and trained professional personnel. It is widely considered to be one of the safest facilities in the world for safeguarding precious metals, rare art works and rare wine and liquor and jewellery collections.

Complete climate control

All units are continuously monitored electronically. The entire facility is guarded by armed auxiliary police officers, 24 hours a day.

Tax free storage

Both residents and non-residents can indefinitely store, display and transact their assets in a tax free manner in our secure facility without attracting otherwise applicable customs and duties as well as other taxes.

Global accessibility

We are strategically located next to Changi International Airport, and offer special customs procedures to ensure privacy and security when importing your valued assets.

Door to Door Global Logistics Solutions

From purchase to storage to sale, we provide bespoke solutions covering shipping, insurance, portfolio management, insurance and more.

A complete display and sales solution

Use Stamford Cellars as the base of your fine wine and liquor trading operation. We offer a range of private suites and viewing galleries which you may use to host clients, conduct tastings and showcase your collection.